We are very excited to share some positive updates with you for both Dave and Jet. Here’s the latest:


Little Jet sure does take after his grandpa; he’s a fighter. The doctors and nurses have been impressed with his progress this week. Jet is now off all ventilators and oxygen support. This means that his lungs have matured to the point where he is now breathing on his own. His blood pressure is stable and he no longer needs a drug called dopamine. We could bore you with the other facts, but the bottom line is that he’s hooked up to fewer tubes and medications. This is very encouraging! 

The only downfall of Jet’s fast progression is that he is experiencing withdrawals from not being on all the medications. This is very difficult to watch, but the doctors have a good process to help him get through the withdrawals. We could still use your prayers for little Jet. Pray that he pushes through the withdrawals and is able to be completely free of all medications. Pray that he continues to grow and mature so that he can come home soon. Lastly, please pray that there are no major or longterm complications in Jet’s future. Thanks!


Today was another Cedars day for Dave. His doctor is thrilled with the progress he is making. In fact, today she thanked him for doing so well. It was a special moment. I’ve never heard a doctor genuinely thank a patient for doing well, but then I started thinking about how it must feel for an oncologist. It must be very rewarding when one of the “difficult cases” is doing well after all the hard decisions and judgement calls that they must make. Dave’s doctor is with all of us in being happy, relieved and thankful that he is doing as well as he is. This is not where she expected him to be a year and a half after brain relapse, and she would agree that it is definitely a “God thing.” Every day is a precious gift. Yesterday was spent taking Smith to the car wash to watch the cars get a bubble bath, and then to Costco where Smith pushed Papa’s wheelchair around the whole store. So fun! 

We appreciate your continued prayer and support for our two fighters, Jet and Dave! We are looking forward to the day very soon when grandpa is able to hold our new, little Jet! 

The Stoeckleins



This site is no stranger to posts that ask you for more prayer. We started this blog almost three years ago when my father was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It was our way to communicate to the people who care so much for our family. The site’s reach has gone way beyond our imagination and we are so thankful for each individual prayer said for us over the last few years. Now we turn to you for prayer for our little Jethro. 

There isn’t a specific diagnosis at this point that we can share with you. The doctor’s words last night were, “Jet is more sick than we expected.” Over the past few days his lungs have shown to be more premature than the rest of his body. They say his body is large for his age, but his lungs are not quite there. That is the main concern right now. He also has low blood pressure, a valve in the heart that isn’t closed yet, and a plethora of other things they are monitoring. It’s all a part of the NICU roller coaster.

Jet is now on the most extreme ventilator called an “Oscillatory Ventilator.” A few days ago we noticed the baby next to Jet was on this extreme looking machine and we asked what it was. The nurse said, “Life support.” Yesterday we walked into the NICU to find that Jet was on that same machine. The doctor helped clarify that it is not the same thing as life support for adults. It’s a ventilator that does the work of breathing for him so that he can rest and have time to heal. The hope is that the lungs strengthen and Jet can eventually take over from the machine. 

He is now hooked up to four major lines: The ventilator to help him breathe; a port in his arm to give him meds; a line through his belly button to monitor blood pressure; and another IV in his leg to do blood transfusions. Oh, and a urinary catheter to help him completely drain all the fluids they are giving to him. We know that sounds like too much information, but we want you to have specifics as you cover Jet in prayer. 

We have quickly learned that the only thing predictable about the NICU is that each day will be unpredictable. However, the certainty that we do have is only found in our Heavenly Father. He is the Author of Life and we fully trust that He is watching over little Jet. 

God’s Got This.



Today we were given the best Fourth of July surprise yet! Our little firecracker decided to come about six weeks early from his due date. Last night at about 10pm Kayla was having significant contractions. We rushed to the hospital and three hours later we came face to face with our little guy.  Jethro “Jet” David Stoecklein was born at 1:20am, weighing in at 4lbs 10ounces and 17 inches long. 

While we are enjoying this special gift to us, the reality of Jet’s prematurity is setting in quickly. Many of you who have experienced something similar know how difficult it is to see your child in this state. Not being able to hold or care for him is a very helpless feeling. We are so thankful for a great team of doctors and nurses that are doing an excellent job to keep Jet stabilized. 

Just as I am writing this blog post, the doctor came in and informed us that they moved Jet to a ventilator to assist with his breathing. He had been breathing on his own with a very small amount of oxygen support, but the doctor said, “He simply got tired.” So for now he is hooked up to a ventilator and resting much better. We would appreciate your prayers for Jet as he continues to grow into a strong little boy! 

Jethro means: Excellence, outstanding, and overflowing; Having a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause; Dedicated to building life on a solid foundation; Values truth and justice. 

Happy Fourth!

Andrew, Kayla, Smith, and Jethro